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True Channels April Highlights


True Music Day

Saturday 19th April from 1pm

Join us for our tuneful dedication to iconic musicians such as Celine Dion, Meatloaf and of course, The Jacksons.  Based on the memoir written by Katherine Jackson, The Jacksons: An American Dream depicts the meteoric rise of the talented Jackson family.

Behind their unforgettable music, which became the soundtrack for a generation, the Jacksons struggled to maintain normal childhoods in the light of their incredible fame and under the control of their ambitious father, Joe.  Academy Award-nominees Angela Bassett stars alongside Terrence Howard and Margaret Avery. Directed by Karen Arthur (2002) 

True Royal Day 

Tuesday 29th April from 1pm

To commemorate the spectacular anniversary of Prince William and Duchess Kate, we’ve compiled a selection of historic and unique Royal documentaries!  Take a look at the remarkable lives of the nation’s most popular family with titles such as Queen Elizabeth II: 60 Years On,

William and Kate Into The Future, William and Kate One Year On and much more.



Brian Dennehy Collection

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20thApril from 1pm

An entire weekend dedicated to the prolific US actor, well respected on the stage and silver screen for over 25 years. Catch the multi-talented Dennehy directing and starring in the thrilling Shadow of A Doubt (Sunday 20th at 1pm)

Charley Sloan (Dennehy)is a once-spectacular attorney and now a recovering alcoholic who hides from and fears his illustrious past. Suddenly, Charley is swept back into the public spotlight when Robin Harwell, a woman he once loved, calls on him to defend her stepdaughter, Angel, accused of murdering her millionaire father.


True Crime Weekend

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27thApril from 11am

This thrilling weekend special will have you gripped to your seats with movies such as 10 Million Dollar Getaway, Shattered Promises and Prison of Secrets, a crime movie based on the true story of a female prison inmate who fought for women's rights while still behind bars.



Uncut Movie: Going Underground

Friday 18th April at 9pm

In public, Daniel (Tim Matheson, Burn Notice) charms to the point of perfection; behind closed-doors, he's a psychotic brute who enjoys tormenting his family.  His wife escapes with the children,assuming new lives and new identities in another town. But soon, Daniel is covers his family's whereabouts, and heads straight for them, hell-bent on an ugly onslaught of retribution.

Directed by David Carson (1993)

Premiere Starting Over

Saturday 19th April at 1pm

Based on the inspiring novel by bestselling author Robin Pilcher comes an empowering new film of lost dreams, new loves, and second chances.

An aristocratic Scottish family is torn apart after the death of its wayward male heir in a horse riding accident. Lady Elizabeth Dewhurst's marriage collapses shortly after she is left to run the financially precarious estate alone. Can the arrival of a charming classics professor remind Liz how to love again?  Directed by Giles Foster (2007)



Thorn Birds Weekend Special

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27thApril from 1pm

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Colleen McCullough, this award winning mini-series stars Richard Chamberlain as a Catholic priest named Ralph de Bricassart. His life as a clergyman in Australia is one long torment as he pines for his lover, Meggie Carson (Rachel Ward).

Ralph’s passion and guilt make for compelling drama in addition to a stellar cast of supporting players including Jean Simmons, Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Kiley, Christopher Plummer and Mare Winningham.

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